Monday, April 30, 2012

Pictures from Nigeria Trip - YOU were there with me!

July 2011

The blind will see
We have been hungering and thirsting for Him to move on our behalf and do miracles so that the people of Nigeria might see and know Jesus Christ is Lord and be saved. I asked God yesterday that we would see peoples sight restored and people healed from eternal separation. Here is how God moved...Out in a village in Enugu Africa God brought this young boy to me. I had prayed for many people that day but this boy was special. When the boy came up to me he was staring down at the ground. I tried to ask him what he needed me to pray for him but I got no response. I ask a translator to come over. She asked the boy for his request. The boy spoke in there native language and expressed to her that he wanted me to pray for his eyes to see clearly. My heart melted for this little boy. I laid my hands on his face covering his blind eyes, I began to pray for God to heal him fully. Before I had even said amen this little boy lifts his head up and with joy declares that he could see clearly! He said "while you where praying something came off of my eyes and i can see clearly now!" God is faithful to show Himself strong on our behalf and this child of God now has sight in The Name of Jesus.

Over 300 people received physical healing in our two days at this medical clinic. God is good!
Me and my friend Good-News. =)

My menties at the high school we spent two days at.

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