Monday, April 30, 2012


July 2011

It is hard to summarize the 18 jammed-pack days in Nigeria. The Lord did miraculous things on our trip and I feel so blessed to have been a part of the incredible work He did there. The Lord opened my eyes up to his amazing, almighty power. He showed me His heart to lead people to Him and His heart to heal broken hearts and the physical needs too, in a way I have never seen or experienced before. The trip was incredible and life changing. I don't think I have quite been able to process it all yet, but one thing I do know is that the Lord touched hundreds and hundreds of people’s lives in Nigeria because YOUR PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT made it possible for us to bring them a new hope that they so desperately needed. "The Lord allowed me to be apart in the amazing healing work he was doing there. Over 260 people experienced the Lords healing while we were in Nigeria. I remembered something the Lord had spoken to me just a few months before as a prayed for the first person who God healed. She was a blind woman at the leprosy center where we were on outreach. As she began to tell us the colors we were wearing with her brand new eyes the Lord had given here, tears ran down my face and God spoke to me and reminded me of when he healed me and how he said he was going to use me to bring healing to others. So as I sat there staring into this woman’s eyes God said “This is why you are here” My heart broke and that’s when I knew my purpose and calling; to be the Lords hands and feet and to bring his hope and love to the lost and hurting."  I literally prayed for hundreds, possibly thousands of people during the 18 days. Among our numerous outreaches in the community, we visited a prison, leprosy center, orphanage, high school, and churches. We held a two-day medical clinic and even visited with the King of Nigeria in his home.  Nineteen of us traveled on the crazy roadways in vans that were made for ten people and had seven guards with us at all times. We learned to eat spicy rice and chicken over and over again, drink only 16 oz. of water in a day many days, never use a toilet with a seat cover, to be without electricity often, and take only bucket showers for almost three weeks. In Nigeria my faith grew, my heart was stirred, I was exhausted and energized at the same time, and I grew spiritually on fire for the Lord. I learned that God can do exceedingly more than I could ever imagine and that He brings Hope and Comfort to those in need through ordinary people. I learned I wanted to go back to Africa – I learned I want to be a missionary when my time of training at IMPACT is complete. 

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